Hi my lovelies,

This morning, I woke up and the first thing I thought was it’s Monday. I could have decided to get out of bed on the wrong foot, upset that I have this entire week of work ahead of me but instead, I decided to make this Monday amazing.

I have to admit, I spent the first 15 minutes awake looking at motivational quotes and trying to figure out what was going to make my Monday so amazing… and when I realized I was gonna be late for work, I decided to be overly positive and see what would happen.

It wasn’t until 5pm that it hit me: Sunsets&Bellinis. Two of my favourite things, which I think sound great together and therefore decided it would be my blog’s name. Shoutout to my best friend H who just visited me for my bday weekend. We drank Bellinis for the first time on the last day of my bday celebrations. I was in total shock as it was literally the best thing I had ever drank in my entire life. Who would have known that a day at a beach club sipping Miami Peach Bellinis, watching a sunset would end up inspiring me this much.

After that, I decided to rebrand my Instagram to Sunsets&Bellinis, purchase the domain and rebrand my blog. I know… quite impulsive, but that’s exactly how I am. I then decided to sit down, write this blog post and show you guys how easy it is to turn a “meh” day into a good one!

Mondays should be THE day where you find inspiration to guide you through your week. Next Monday, wake up, go on Pinterest or whatever source of inspiration you like and look at things that motivate you. Then, go off with your day keeping those in mind and see what difference it makes.

Thank me later 😉



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