Stuck in the middle of nowhere…

Hi my lovelies,

As some of you might’ve seen on Instagram, I flew to Las Vegas beginning of January to attend a conference. My friend and I decided to arrive a couple days early, rent a pickup truck and drive 4 hours to see the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We drove from Nevada to Arizona, went on the famous Route 66,  listened to country music and it was amazing!

Breathtaking views right? It was seriously the most beautiful thing I had every seen! Oh! One thing I forgot to mention is that it was FREEZING! With that being said, if I were to go back, which I promise I will, I would go during summer. The canyons with snow look lovely, but it was too cold for us to walk the entire trail and enjoy it 100%.

But anyways, enough talking about the canyons…

Time for the real story!

After almost 2 hours of sightseeing, we decided it was time to head back to Vegas as I had meetings later that day… and that is when shit the fan!

We got off the highway and drove on a sand road. Now, I do have to say that we were not going crazy at all. We were actually driving quite slowly and responsibly. Apparently, there are two types of sand roads…. soft sand and hard sand roads. And apparently, you cannot drive in soft sand if you don’t have a 4×4. Oops!

When we realized we were completely stuck, I took out my phone and THANK GOD I had signal! I immediately facetimed my father and showed him our wheels to see if we could get ourselves out of there. You can imagine how funny he thought it was that we got stuck in the middle of nowhere! My brother, who was with my father, confirmed that the truck was not 4×4 and that we would need to call a tow truck. Long story short, the tow truck told us it would take them about 45 minutes to get to us and to sit tight.

10 minutes in, I see a truck driving towards us. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!

Two guys got out of their truck, looked at as laughing and immediately offered to help. We therefore cancelled the tow truck and thanked them a million times. It took a couple tries before we got out, but we did!!!

Even though this little misadventure happened, I thought it was hilarious both while it was happening and after it happened. It’s stories like these ones that are worth telling your kids in 30 years! So next time you’re stuck in a safe but unfortunate situation, thinking you should have been more careful, just tell yourself that everything happens for a reason, laugh about it and learn from it!



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