Queen of embarrassment…

Hi my lovelies,

Last week, I had encouraged you guys to try and find what motivates you on a Monday. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, here’s the link 😉

If you did and noticed a difference, comment down below or DM me on Instagram, I’d love to hear about it. On the other hand, if you did not try it, I encourage you try it tomorrow… don’t wait until Monday!

Now… back to the juicy stuff!

Couple weeks ago, a friend of G and I invited us over for a party. “It’ll be a great opportunity for you guys to network and meet new people” he said. He was damn right! People definitely got to know me… but not exactly how I had imagined.

We got there around 10pm and headed straight to the bar as we were both a bit nervous of being the newbies. After downing a glass of liquid courage, I spotted 2 french-speaking guests we had previously met and tagged along with them for a while. About half an hour later, I headed back to the bar and went for the peanuts as that was the safest option in terms of not getting my teeth or even my clothes dirty — never trust tipsy T.

It is important to note that I, to that day, was considered intolerant to almonds. I guess the effects of the wine had kicked in at that moment as I consciously ate an almond (probably the ONLY almond in the entire bowl) and thought it was not a big deal… I mean, after all, I’m just intolerant as everyone seemed to remind me every time I mentioned my “allergy” to almonds.

Well apparently, allergies develop randomly, and that my friend was the day I became anaphylactic to almonds. Yup, in front of about 20 strangers, all more influential than me, and who’s first impression of me became the tall redhead who dropped dead in the middle of the party (just kidding, it wasn’t that bad… just about to faint bad). immediately called 911 to then realize it’s not 911 here… but 211. He literally went from 911 to 811… 711… until he got to 211 and was told that no ambulances were available that night… HOW CONVENIENT!

G, terrified that I was gonna die in front of him, picked me up, ran across the house, took me to our car and drove me to the nearest ER. On our way there, I felt the swelling stop but my pressure was still bad. He therefore rushed into the ER with me in his arms. Let me tell you, the people in the waiting room were not very happy about our whole extravaganza.  We got yelled at and insulted because apparently, we had to wait in line for our turn… seriously?!?

After a couple minutes, they finally put me on a stretcher, checked inside my mouth and immediately gave me a shot of epinephrine or adrenaline… not too sure which one it was. The doctor then spent a good 10 minutes repeating to me “NO MORE ALMONDS”. Really? You think now’s the time? I just made a huge scene, did not get a chance to network, ended up with a huge needle up my ass and you really think I’d want to eat almonds any time soon?

Thankfully, my first reaction was not too intense and I had time to get to the hospital safely. Unfortunately, 3 weeks later, I’m still looking for an EpiPen as every pharmacy here seems to either be out of stock or their stock has expired… but yeah. Next time you’re in an awkward situation while meeting new people… don’t chug wine, don’t eat things you’re allergic or intolerant to, think about my story and just try enjoy your outing 100%.



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