The End of my “Kylie Jenner” Nails

Hi my lovelies,

Am I the only one who feels as if everything they do somehow goes wrong?

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve had “Kylie Jenner” nails for over 2 years now. Every 3 weeks, I go to my nail salon and get my nails filled in — some see it as a waste of time and money, but for me… it’s a way to reward myself and a good hour and a half to relax.

When I left Toronto, I was afraid I wouldn’t find a good nail tech. I’m quite picky and let’s be real — if I’m gonna put money towards my nails, I want them to look perfect and last me at least 3-4 weeks. Luckily, the first nail salon I contacted after I moved offered exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately though, something ALWAYS has to go wrong! The amazing nail tech I found here left on a well-deserved vacation for a month. At first, I didn’t really think much of it… I mean, if she’s good, they must all be good right?

Well, I was completely wrong. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

Side note: If you’ve never watched Anjelah Johnson’s nail salon parody, please do so right now — you’ll thank me later!

The substitute nail tech started off by filing the gel down to prepare my nails for the fill. I swear, I’ve never seen someone be so rough with nails. She was literally filing my skin instead of my nails. Like… WHAT ARE YOU DOING! If I’ve told you 3 times already to be more careful… stop right the hell now and fix your technique!

Once she was done filing my nails, she started putting the gel on — that’s when everything went south. As she was placing the gel on my nails, I noticed she was putting very thick layers. I knew right away it was gonna be disastrous and I was damn right! Not only did she cut corners by putting thick layers of gel, she also put the gel on all my fingers at once rather than doing them one at a time. Result? The gel spilled all over my fingers and ended up on my skin rather than on my nails.

At that point… there was no going back. I therefore decided to sit back and enjoy her reaction when she realized to what extent she had f*cked up. When I took my hand out of the UV Lamp, she was shook.

Not trying to be mean here, but her face was priceless. That girl had been trying to get those nails done ASAP. She was probably proud she did it so quick and thought she could squeeze in more jobs… but nope! She now had to file down her mess, start over with the gel and try not to finish late.

Honestly, I thought she’d feel embarrassed. I mean, I could’ve done a better job than her…. but to my surprise, she did not seem to care at all! She went ahead with the same thickness of gel, which I could see spilling to the sides of my nails right away. I think she truly didn’t give a damn. She left me with bumpy, crooked, uneven nails that were not even cured properly. I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even look at her… but that’s not all! She then goes ahead and asks me “For your pedicure, what colour will you be doing?” GUUURL!

LOOK AT MY NAILS! Did she really think I would want to waste any more time and money? OK girl, you destroyed my nails, fine… but don’t you dare touch anything else!

She then tells me “Ya girl, I’m not really used to doing gel nails… I’m more of an acrylics nail tech”. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE NOT USED TO DOING GEL NAILS??? Why the hell were you just doing mine if you’re not trained for it?!? When someone asked you to replace them for a gel nail fill, that would’ve been the time to say that! NOT AFTER!

We’re a week later now and not only did 7 of my nails break, half of my pinky nail just ripped off! The saddest thing about this entire story is that because of an incompetent nail tech… my nail girl will be penalized for weeks because my nails need a break now! I can’t put anything on those paper-thin nails for weeks… maybe even months!

Enough ranting! I’m sure some of you have much worst stories than me when it comes to nail techs. I’ve seen gel/acrylics rip off someone’s natural nail, leaving them with no nail at all and a pool of blood. Nasty right? But seriously, just typing it out helped me get rid of all the frustration I had inside. Hopefully, I’ll have made some of you laugh and we can all go on with our lives now.

I really wonder why it is that women go through so much pain to look more feminine and put together…



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