#ModelWorkout: 1-Hour Gym Workout Routine

Hy my lovelies,

I have received so many questions in the past few weeks about my workout routine… I’ve therefore uploaded a new YT video, featuring my 1-Hour Gym Workout Routine. Enjoy!


#1: 30-40 minutes on the treadmill (5-10 minute intervals of walking/running at an incline of 1)

#2:  1 minute of jump rope

#3: side walks with heavy resistant band (5 per side/30 total)

#4: small exercise ball inner thigh squeeze (50 per side/200 total)

#5: 20 jump squats

#6: 100 inner thigh squeeze with small exercise ball (50 laying down on back with knees at 90 degrees, 50 with legs up straight)

#7: 160 leg lifts (laying down on side, 40 per leg, per side)

#8: front & side abdominal crunches (15 per position/90 total)

#9: 10 push-ups (any type of push-up)

#10: 5 minutes of arm workout of your choice

#11: 15 triceps dips

#12: stretch


If you try this workout, make sure to comment down below and let me know how this workout turned out for you!

Love you so so so much,


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