Hey, I’m T!

Hey guys, it’s T!

I’ve contemplated the idea of starting my own blog for quite a while now  today is the day!

In the past few months, I’ve been living by the expression “Everything happens for a reason” — it has completely changed my perception and lifestyle (in a positive way). Situations that used to cause me ridiculous amounts of stress now seem completely normal, which allows me to put that extra energy on better things such as advancing my career, projects and relationships.

I’ve decided to share my journey to make you all laugh, learn and hopefully help some of you lost birds who are looking for answers.

My friends and I like to refer to ourselves as the “Sex and the City 2.0”  our lives are filled with adventures, drama, work and stories we’re dying to tell. Work-wise, I’ve done my fair share of “student jobs” but am now at my 3rd professional job. As I mentioned earlier, I’m engaged to the guy of my dreams (shoutout to G) and have been with him since I was 18. I therefore think I have quite a lot to share you better be ready for some tea to be spilled (I’m kidding, lot’s of positive advice and relatable stories to come).

So my lovelies, I hope you’re as excited as I am, cause this blog is about to get lit!



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