Hi my lovelies,

Hope you had an amazing week! If you’ve read my first ever blog post, you would know I have a TERRIBLE fear of dentists…

Let me tell you why.


Do you guys remember what it was like to visit dentists as a child? I mean, I personally loved it — strawberry flavoured toothpaste (which was strictly forbidden at home), a new toothbrush, but most importantly, A TOY! Yup, whether it was a ring, a gooey animal that would stick to everything… including my hair… bouncy balls, you name it. I was always excited to go to the dentist.

As I grew up, my love for dentists grew to the point where I wanted to become a dentist myself. I have to thank the dentist I was seeing during high school for that — he was tall, handsome and a great dentist. Not gonna lie, I kinda had a crush on him — I mean, he even sang for me!

One day, during my routine appointment, he announced me he was moving 2 hours away to open his own dental clinic and that therefore, he wouldn’t be the one to repair my cavity. You can imagine how destroyed my 14 year-old self felt at that moment…



Right off the bat, I knew it was a recipe for disaster. That new dentist was so old he could’ve been my grandfather (not that I judge people who still work at that age, but you can understand that going from Mr. Dreamy Dentist to grandpa was quite disappointing).

“Good news Tanya! Your cavity is very superficial and therefore, we will not need to numb you. It will be short and sweet!” he said.

WELL LET ME TELL YOU, it was not short, and most definitely not sweet.

Right when he started drilling a hole in my tooth, I could feel my nerves having a panic attack. “Don’t worry, it will be over in a few minutes”. Clearly, that dentist could see my discomfort, but chose to ignore it. I just wanted to tell him Listen grandpa, you’re drilling a hole in my tooth and I can feel every bit of it. Now would be the time to stop and put that giant needle up my mouth.

Before I had the opportunity to express my deep anger, he tells me “I’m sorry T, I have unfortunate news… the cavity has fully developed and it is too late to numb you… you’ll have to get through this like a champ!”.

TOO LATE TO NUMB YOU? What do you mean, too late to numb you? I’m not a dentist, so please correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I do not think there is such a thing as “too late to numb you”.

I then realized I had no other choice than to lay back on his chair of torture and try my best not to punch him.



When I got out of there, my eyes were filled with fear and my mom knew right away something was wrong.

I immediately told her… and THANK GOD my mom has a badass personality when it comes to giving people a reality check. Side note, my mom had McDonalds delivered to our house 15 years ago, waaaay before Uber Eats…. but that’s another story!

I still, to this day, hate dentists. I don’t know if it’s bad luck or a coincidence, but I seem to continuously have bad experiences with them…. I legitimately though I was experiencing PTSD symptoms when I got my wisdom teeth removed! At this point, I’d rather suffer from a cavity than getting it fixed and risk going through another traumatic episode.

To all the amazing dentists out there, I’m sorry my perception of dentists was flawed by an agressive, heartless individual. If you happen to be the best dentist ever, PLEASE shoot me a message… I’d love to change how I feel about you guys 😉

Believe it or not, as I was typing this post, my mother called me asking if I needed her to book me a dentist appointment over Christmas. I swear… that mad dentist is haunting me!



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