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Hey lovelies,

I was about to write one hell of a story… but because this is just my second post, I’ve decided to keep it for later (I know… pretty mean, huh?).

Instead, I thought I’d share with you a bit more about myself.

I am 22 years old.

I am 5’11” & 3/4 … it’s funny how I absolutely refuse to say I’m 6 feet, but wear heels all the time.

I play the Piano and Violin.

My fav color was ALWAYS pink… until very recently when I had a sudden early 20’s crisis, chopped my hair off (don’t worry, I didn’t go full Britney 2007) and decided my new fav color was yellow.

I had the chance to dance in Swan Lake in 2012.

I then god badly injured, my parents dragged me back home & I started a ballet instagram (@dreamofballet… don’t try to look for it, that chapter’s over).

My first ever job was as a deli clerk in a grocery store (yep… as exciting as it sounds).

I studied at the University of Toronto in Neuroscience, Mental Health and New Media (still got one year before I graduate, but that’s on hold… I’ll explain later, I promise).

I got engaged at 20 y/o to G.

I add mayonnaise to practically every meal I eat.

I was cheerleading captain for my university cheerleading team.

I get sick all the time.

I love technology, but somehow, technology hates me — I tend to temporarily “break” electronics I touch (I’ll explain that too).

I have a dog named Mila, she is 2 years old & is a mix between a Chihuahua and Shih Tzu… two dog breeds I despise, but somehow the mix works!

I am terrified of dentists.

to be continued…


So my lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about me!








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