5 Easy Ways to Make Basic Outfits Look Expensive

Hi my lovelies,

You have probably, at least once in your life, looked at a woman and wondered how she looked so classy, elegant and… expensive!

Here are 5 easy ways to help you achieve that. Thank me later!

1. Wear Neutral Monochromatic Outfits

Neutral colors like beige, white, black and grey instantly scream simplicity and elegance!

When wearing neutral monochromatic outfits, that chic effect is even more pronounced. With that being said, you do not have to go Britney 2000 and throw away all colorful items in your closet… but whenever you want to dress fancier,  definitely reach out for those neutral tones.

2. Add a Duster Jacket

Looking expensive wearing only basics is doable, but adding a duster jacket instantly elevates your look!

Once again, neutral colors are your best friend… but this time, you do not have to go monochromatic. For example, a camel duster jacket will look just as amazing as a black one with an all black outfit.

If your style is more edgy and fun, feel free to use the duster jacket to add a pop of color!

3. Wear a Belt

Adding a belt is an easy way to improve your outfit.

If you always wanted to own designer items but aren’t willing to spend that much money on material stuff, a belt can be a great way to start your designer collection!

Sites like SSENSE.com, preloved vendors and even designer outlets have designer belts such as Gucci at great prices.

If designer is not your jam, get yourself a nice belt inspired by the current trends and voilà!

4. Accessorize with a Bag

Don’t get scared off by the brand… it doesn’t need to be designer! Truth is, most people won’t even notice if you have a designer bag and a lot simply don’t care…

If you do have one, it’s time to show it off… if not, get inspired by the style of the most classic designers out there and try to opt for simplicity! There are tons of cute bags on the market that will make your outfits look more put together.

Rocking a monochromatic outfit? Opt for a pop of color!

5. Wear Heels

This one is a no-brainer — most will agree that high heels are sexy, but when paired properly, they can be elegant and chic.

Sandal heels are my current favorite, but be careful… we don’t want to see your 3-month old nail polish peeking through!

Tip: Try patent leather for a chic look, suede for a more romantic one or a pop of color to make your outfit more fun!

6. Bonus: Confidence is Key

No matter how hard you try to make an outfit look amazing, if you are not confident wearing it, it will not look its best.

Choose pieces you feel comfortable wearing and be proud of how you look. Stand straight, shoulders back, chin high and smile! (…Unless you’ve got an RBF like I do… see picture below lmao)

Final Look

Here’s my go-to outfit when I want to wear basics yet look expensive. Note that using all 6 tips will give you an #extra fancy look, but you can also pick and choose from the list.

If you try any of the tips mentioned above, tag me in your Instagram photos (@sunsetsandbellinis)… I’d love to see the outfits you guys come up with!

Leave a comment down below telling me which tip you thought was the most helpful!



Steve Madden Black Sandal Heels
Black Duster Jacket
Gucci Dionysus suede super mini bag black
Gucci Marmont Sandals
Black Belt
High Waisted Trousers
Quilted Black Bag
Gucci Belt
Steve Madden Blush Patent Heels
Long Sleeve Shirt
Beige Duster Jacket



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